Professional Resource List

Masterpiece of the Month, K-5, Teacher Created Materials 1-55734-018-8
Artworks for Kids, Gr. 1-6, Evan-Moor, EMC 761 1-55799-812-4
Creative Photo Cropping for Scrapbooks, Satellite Press 1-89212-711-3
25 Terrific Art Projects Based on Favorite Picture Books, K-2, Scholastic 0-439-22263-X
How to Teach Art to Children, Gr. 1-6, Evan-Moor, EMC 760 1-55799-811-6
MathART Projects and Activities, Gr. 3-5, Scholastic 0-590-96371-6
Month-By-Month Masterpieces – Explorations of 10 Great Works with Step-by-step Art Projects, Gr. 2-6, Scholastic 0-590-25101-5
Art Lessons, Grade 4, Canadian Curriculum Teacher Helper, Geowat Innovative Teacher Publishing 1-89452713-5
Rubrics & Checklists, Gr. 1-3, Canadian Curriculum Teacher Helper, Geowat Innovative Teacher Publishing 1-894527-39-9
Famous Faces – Early Modern Artists, Edupress Inc., EP 282  
Art in the Classroom – An Integrated Approach to Teaching Art in Canadian Elementary and Middle Schools, Irene Russell Naested, Thompson Nelson Publishing 0-7747-3357-8
The Drawing Book, John Deacon, An Ashton Original 0-86896-129-9
Fine Art Studio – Drawing, Jim Bradrick, Silver Dolphin Books 1-59223-327-9
Let's Meet Famous Artists, Instructional Fair 0-513-02050-0
Fine Art Studio – Sculpting, Kenneth Greg Watson, Silver Dolphin Books 1-59223-329-5
Fine Art Studio – Watercolour, Mary Iverson, Silver Dolphin Books 1-59223-650-2
The Complete Book of Drawing – Essential skills for every artist, Barrington Barber, Arcturus Publishing Limited 1-84193-331-7
Fun With Modeling Clay, Barbara Reid, Kids Can Press Ltd. 1-55074-510-7
Prints, Judy Ann Sadler, Kids Can Press Ltd. 1-55074-083-0
Collaborative Art & Writing Projects for Young Learners K-2, Scholastic 0-439-43462-9

Artists' Workshop Series, Crabtree Publishing Company:
Sports and Games 0-86505-864-4
Fabric 0-86505-789-3
Portraits 0-86505-860-1
Paper 0-86505-791-5
Landscapes 0-86505-863-6
Stories 0-86505-862-8
Models 0-86505-788-5
Animals 0-86505-861-X
Myths and Legends 0-86505-865-2

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists, Mike Venezia, Children's Press Chicago:
Picasso 0-516-42271-5
Jackson Pollock 0-516-42298-7
Henri Matisse 0-516-26146-0
Michelangelo 0-516-42293-6
Monet 0-516-42276-6
Georgia O'Keeffe 0-516-42297-9
Da Vinci 0-516-42275-8
Van Gogh 0-516-42274-X
Edgar Degas 0-516-2712-5

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