monkey and turtle playing ball

It was a sunny day. Monkey and Turtle were playing ball. Kangaroo was sitting in the shade.

monkey sleeping

Monkey went to bed after a long day.

monkey in a storm

Monkey woke up. There was a storm. But where was Turtle?

monkey looking in a cave

Is he in the cave? No, he is not in the cave.

monkey looking in water

Kangaroo helps Monkey search. Is Turtle in the ocean? No, he is not in the ocean.

monkey in the mountain

Is he in the mountains? No, he is not in the mountains.

monkey sitting on a rock

Monkey could not find Turtle anywhere. Monkey gave up. He sat on a rock.

monkey and turtle

Oh wait! The rock is moving! The rock grew arms, legs and a head! That’s not a rock! It’s…



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